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Sorting technology of plastic packaging waste

Plastic packaging waste can be separated from other waste manually or mechanically (gravity method), and then intuitive identification, combustion identification, specific gravity identification, solvent separation, wind screening, electrostatic separation, low-temperature crushing and other methods can be used

1. Visual identification and sorting technology

for small batches of waste plastics, the following methods can be adopted for classification: first, remove metal, glass, rope and other debris and seriously polluted waste plastics; The second is to classify agricultural film, packaging film, foam plastic and plastic bottle boxes; Third, the products are classified according to the color depth; Fourth, use simple methods such as visual inspection, hand feeling, specific gravity, combustion, etc. to classify the commonly used PVC, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene and other 3D printing product plastics directly produced by Alcoa

2. Density sorting technology

there is still a big gap between the technical strength of various graphite high-end industries and foreign countries. Different kinds of plastics have different densities. Put different kinds of plastics in a specific solution, and classify and identify the plastics according to their sinking and floating in the solution. Because the plastic is non wetting, it needs surfactant for pretreatment, wetting it, and then sorting. Commonly used carton compressive strength DX - Identification of corrugated board longitudinal stiffness (Mn · m). Plastic solutions include water, saturated salt solution, alcohol solution and calcium chloride solution

3. Solution separation technology

the separation of waste plastics is realized by using different solubility of various plastics in organic solutions. The method is to add waste plastic fragments into specific solvents, control different temperatures, and selectively dissolve and sort various plastics. This technology has less solvent loss, and the recovered polymer can be reused after heating and granulation, with good performance

4. Wind screening technology

when there is a large amount of waste and sundries, wind screening technology can be used. In this method, the crushed waste plastic is put from the top in the re screening room, and the air is sprayed laterally. The self weight of the plastic and the different air resistance are used for screening

5. Electrostatic separation technology

electrostatic separation technology originates from the dry separation method, which is characterized by the separation of granular substances with a diameter of less than 8mm independent of density. Its size and shape do not affect the separation, low energy consumption and large processing capacity

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